Key Features Of Aerospace Design, Manufacture & Distribution

The aerospace industrial sector applies itself to the design, manufacture and distribution of all military and commercially oriented aircraft parts and components. High grade aircraft fastening hardware includes your aerospace fasteners. A few key features of the aerospace design, manufacture and distribution of these fasteners were detected.

These are being shared with you right here. They are quality control, a vendor managed inventory (or VMI, not an unfamiliar term in industry), consignment work and kitting services that go with the distribution side of the business. A product scanning system is being utilized during quality control work to ensure that all aerospace parts and components, including the abovementioned fasteners, reviewed and inspected in full before being sent to the storage and distribution warehouse.

aerospace fasteners

The vendor managed inventory system is for the commercial and industrial customers’ own use. Kitting services offer nothing more than convenience to the customers in the sense that their distributed products are efficiently and appropriately packaged in accordance with and in tandem with their industrial specifications. Consignment work is aligned to the abovementioned VMI system and it is designed to eliminate wasted deliveries, only receiving what was ordered.

This last feature is a cost-effective highlight for the industrial consumer. Quality control procedures are being applied to the customers’ VMI installations as well. These are being implemented via the consignment programs installed on behalf of the customers. The design, manufacture and delivery of all aerospace parts and components are geared towards stock being full and available for up to three years.

A vendor managed inventory eliminates the need for extensive monitoring and maintenance work, allowing the customers to focus on core aspects of their businesses. No less than four key features of the manufacture and supply of parts and components have been mentioned here.