5 Tips to Better Deal With Rush Hour Traffic

Rush hour traffic is the worst! You’ve had a long, hard day at work and only want to arrive home, kick off the shoes, and see the family. But, rush hour traffic has other plans and you’re stuck in traffic for what seems like forever. Rather than succumb to the frustrations this brings, use the five tips below to better deal with rush hour traffic.

1.    Stop Weaving: Switching lanes, weaving in and out of traffic in an attempt to get ahead of other cars is dangerous and in reality, isn’t going to help you get anywhere any faster. Don’t increase the risk of an accident and stay in your lane.

2.    Drive Slower:  Slow down when traffic is heavier! You may think that speeding up will help avoid delays, but it is more likely to cause an accident since you’re rushing and not using caution.

3.    Plan Ahead: Inclement weather, heavy traffic, accidents, and many other obstacles cause delays when you’re on the road. Plan for the delays and work your schedule around these events.

4.    Use Alternative Routes: Perhaps an alternative route is available to help you avoid some of the rush-hour congestion. Figure out the best routes to take, learn the way the traffic control equipment denver operates, and get where you need to go.

5.    Stay Off The Phone: When you’re stuck in traffic, reaching for the phone may seem like the best way to pass by time, but it is not.  It is still illegal to use the phone and increases the risk of an accident.

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No one enjoys rush hour traffic but sometimes there is nothing that we can do except deal with it to the best of our ability. Use the information above to help you deal with the traffic and frustrations that come during rush hour.