How This Auto Gate Opener Works

This auto gate opener was originally target marketed to all those rural smallholding and agricultural landowners. But you never know. You may not be living on a farm, but perhaps your landholdings are large enough to warrant the installation of a smart and innovative automatic farm gate opener to each gate on your property. You can have as many as you want because these compact gate openers are not expensive to acquire.

automatic farm gate opener

The gate opener is also a sustainable device in the sense that you will only be utilizing battery power to keep it going. The rest of this short article briefly demonstrates how the customary but brilliant auto gate opener works. This demonstration also assumes that most readers here who are suitable landowners are driving pickup trucks across their properties. The traditionally robust truck is fitted with a sturdy bumper to ward off obstructions that would only occur out in nature.

Broken tree branches and even dead animal carcasses, for instance. Anyway, the diesel truck’s bumper is ideal for the automatic farm gate opener. As the driver slowly and carefully approaches the gate, he allows his truck’s bumper to gently nudge the gate open. The moment contact is made, the gate opens. Just so! Now driver and truck and perhaps attached trailer can proceed through the gate opening.

Safely and securely. No damage to the truck and certainly no damage to the gate. Also, there is no need for the driver to leave his vehicle in isolated areas, particularly at night. The gate stays open for however long you may wish, but obviously not for long. You can time this, and you program the gate opener to stay open for the desired amount of time. Ideally, the gate will start closing the moment the vehicle has proceed through.